Our services include versatile engineering services in multiple fields of technology. Both small and large-scale projects are welcome.

Project management

We offer project management services to companies operating in the field of technology. The need for project management services may arise, for example, due to a lack of resources. MOS’s strength is the experts’ experience of completing several projects around the world. For us, systematic operating models play a key role in the comprehensive handling and management of projects.

Site management

Challenges in carrying out the construction site, such as resourcing, scheduling, or with deliveries? At MOS, our special area of strength is the various tasks of site management, so we are happy to solve any challenge you might face. At the construction site, we use several tools for management, monitoring and reporting, which help us make the management of the construction site smoother and more transparent. This will make it easier to correct problematic scenarios in the future.


We offer documentation services to customers, for example, whose maintenance documentation requires an update, or a new product requires a completely new maintenance plan with instructions. Up-to-date maintenance documentation supports problem solving and facilitates the production of consistent quality services. At MOS, we can produce documentation according to the customer’s requirements, for example with the software and design appointed by the customer.


We offer subcontracting design services for the technology industry. Our strengths lie in automated warehouse logistics solutions and equipment for the railway industry. We also have design experience in the development of additional components for land transfer and property maintenance machines, as well as expertise in wood processing machinery. In our design process, we benefit from an experienced and versatile team, as well as strong networks.